Why Most People Don't Get To The Next Level! 🤔🧐

Why Most People Don't Get To The Next Level! 🤔🧐

Most people never get to the next level cause they've been fed up with bullshit in their minds.

One of the things we preach in this platform is being open minded, something that most people are not.

I'm gonna give you a few very general examples.

Assuming that you make some money online, let's say you make 1000$ online through dropshipping and that money came from free traffic like messaging random people, posting on facebook groups or maybe you have an influencer friend who shoutouts you but all of a sudden you're unable to make money through free traffic for whatever reason, so what do you do?
You either spend money on advertisements or you stop making money and settle for what you got!

You either invest money into your business to bring more traffic and that itself is a risk cause you can't possibly know if you are going to make money back unless you have amazing data and can target people who are actively egaged in your niche.

SOOOOO, What are you going to do, take the risk or settle for 1000$ 

99% of our society would settle for 1000$ and probably spend in on holidays or buying a bunch of random shit they don't even need!

You see....
Our society is built exactly this way, we don't risk and we play it safe, but there is one thing we don't understand....

Playing it safe is worse than risking for most aspects of life.

You may ask "why?"


Let's follow the trail of why's....

We go to school
So we can get some education
So we can write exams and prove ourselves as "smart human beings"
So we can go to college
So we can get a college degree 
So we can get a job 
So we can be safe and secure!

And here the trail of why's ENDS because it doesn't make any FREAKING SENSE....

How is a job secure when EVERYONE has a college degree nowadays and your boss can fire you at any time.
How is a job secure when you have to slave 9-5 every day and when you have the ability to take days off you don't cause your boss will probably fire you.

How is a job secure when the maximum most people make with degrees is 1000-1500$ 

You can't even raise a family with that amount of income per month!

Can someone enlighten me?

In school they taught us about financial security but financial security is the opposite of what they taught us.

Let me explain exactly what it is....
Financial security is if one stream of income stops working then you'll still be secure cause you have another stream of income working for you at the same time!

That's where entrepreneurship comes in....

I may stop dropshipping now but I have my SMMA bringing me money, now if my SMMA stops too I have my personal brand making me money or another business that brings me safety in the back end of things!

No teacher encouraged me to become an entrepreneur 🤷
Yet the most safe and secure way in our society is the Entrepreneurship way, whether you like it or not and entrepreneurship requires ambition.
Ambition brings success and success is never owned, it's rented and the rent is due EVERY SINGLE DAY! 💯 🐺

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