Things We Were Taught In School That Were 100% FALSE 😲🤷 - @johntrah

Things We Were Taught In School That Were 100% FALSE 😲🤷 - @johntrah

I went through the traditional school system, elementary school, high school, and even college.

Now let’s get this clear, I am not encouraging anyone to drop out of school by any means

I just realized some things that were constantly preached at all levels of education, were completely false once I stepped into the real world as an entrepreneur.

In school we were taught and told the best way to have a good life , and I stress “good” , was to go to school, get good grades , go to college,  get better grades , so you can then land a high paying job, and finally if you’re lucky work for 40 years to retire on 40% of our income.

This was considered the best option for each and every student.

Us as children, have all been painted this picture into our brains since elementary school and being told that by our parents that this was the way to follow because they went through the same education system.

It’s not your fault that you knew nothing else.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn, so here are my top false realizations about school that everyone is taught by the traditional education system:

  1. “Take your Time”.

The first topic I want to cover that is taught to us on all levels of education is “Take your time“.

Now before you go and start racing through life at full speed let me break down why always taking your time, especially as an entrepreneur can hurt you rather than help you.

A sense of urgency and fast paced rational decision making, and action taking is exactly what we preach.

In business, speed is everything.

It makes a lot more sense to be quick, so you don’t get stuck doing the wrong thing for too long.

Our teachers always told us not to rush and that taking longer to achieve your success is ok , that is 100% false.

I see it through everyone I know up close.

Every person I tried to help from school, they all just take their time, they procrastinate and just say that there is no rush since they are very young....

The most progress I've made in my life was through blitzes which means locking myself inside and working relentlessly for 50-90 days straight.


Working faster towards your goals regardless of if you make mistakes is the best way to cut the learning curve and accelerate your success even faster, which leads into my next topic, making mistakes.

2. “Failure is Bad”.

One thing that I always remember teachers stressing in school was failing and how failing was the WORST thing you could do.

Why because failing meant that you weren’t qualified, good enough, smart enough and let’s not forget it made the teachers look bad.

As an entrepreneur I’ve learned life should involve failures and mistakes.

Failing gives you the best opportunity to learn how to correctly do something and clearly shows you how not to do it.

Whether its making a business decision, venturing into a new industry, investing into a new project  or anything in life that requires effort you have to expect , accept and embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

I like to say FAIL FORWARD.

3. “School is the only way to succeed”.

My last false realization that was taught to us in school is that the traditional school system was the ultimate and only way to reach success in the world.

This is 100% FALSE.

It may sound like I’m bashing school and I’m sure you’re thinking,

“John wasn't a good student” but I was a good student, I had good grades but school wasn’t for me and I realized that very late in my education.

I am not downplaying education by any means, I am just saying that school might not be for everyone and that’s okay, just realize there are other outlets available to you.

Teachers never wanted us to see opportunities outside of school , the reason being is because they wanted our attention solely on what was going on in the classroom, which is understandable.

What isn’t understandable is why entrepreneurship isn’t taught in school and why other vehicles to reach success like investing , business start ups , real estate and stock trading aren’t covered.


These were just three of the main things that stuck out to me that I believe are 100% false, that teachers taught us in school. There are obviously a ton more I will talk about in the future.

The reality is that the school system taught us valuable lesson , some that will help us and some that can hold us back, it’s your job to be aware of those things and make the decision to have, be and do better.

On the other hand....

College 🎓 was never the path to success.

It was setup so that everyone can be mediocre and what that turned into, was practically one of the biggest scams ever.

Need money to go to school, need school to get a job, need a job to get money.

College is good for people going into specialized careers like the medical industry but if you're JUST going to learn how to make money you're f*cking stupid.

You can't learn how to make money from a stone age Curriculum taught by people who don't really make money.

Humans learn from OSMOSIS.

We learn from watching and mimicking those who actually KNOW what they're doing.

I genuinely feel bad for the future of most people in my generation....
There's a smarter way to do things.
There are people who worked hard a couple of years and then withdrew before 30 with millions.
There are people who never finished school because they created companies that won millions.
There are people who upload videos to YouTube and earn millions.
There are people who without investing a penny buy thousands of real estate.
There are 17-year-olds who earn thousands of dollars a day with Amazon, eBay and shopify dropshipping.
There are dozens of businesses you can start with zero investment online right freaking NOW!

On the other hand, there are university graduates of 40 years who cannot get jobs because they became obsolete.
There are also young people who think they will get a 6-figure job, go up the corporate ladder, have a large pension and have job security.

All those answers were correct, but 30 years ago.
Universities have the right answers, but 30 years ago, not NOW!

There are 3 kinds of people:
Those who make things happen.
Those who watch the things that happen.
And those who wonder...
"What's wrong?"
99% of the people belong to the last group.
They will be crushed the next time...and they won't even know what squash them.

Don't be these people Wolf Fam 🐺 💯

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