Social Conditioning! This POST will change YOUR life! 😱🌟

Social Conditioning! This POST will change YOUR life! 😱🌟

Wait! Wait! Wait!

Before you read on, please commit to reading the entire blog.

Just so you’re aware, I am going to be brutally honest, truthful, and direct.

Yes I know it can be hurtful but I promise you the pain and the truth is necessary to grow.

Are you ready?



Let me start by saying congratulations on making it to the second paragraph! You are a real one.

You obviously are one of very few who face the truth rather than run from it.

I have a saying in life,

” Truth is the first step of progression”.

Now you don’t have to believe everything you are reading.

But what I will ask is to consider it and please have a very very open mind!

Like I've said before, being open minded has brought me this far!

WHAT I'm about to say right now may freak you out but please read through it....

I believe that in order to be in charge of you own life and have an outstanding life, one of the most important phenomena to understand and be able to rise above is what social psychologists call social conditioning.

Social conditioning is the process of training individuals in society to have certain beliefs, behaviours, desires and emotional reactions, which are approved by society in general or by certain groups within it.

Your social conditioning begins when you’re just a small baby, and it’s most acute throughout your childhood and adolescence, but it goes on your entire life.

It’s carried out by parents, teachers, peers and people in your community, by the novels you read, the media, the church and the ads you see.

Social conditioning often works by rewarding certain behaviors, thus reinforcing them, and punishing other behaviours.

In this case it’s mostly a societal form of classical conditioning, which unsurprisingly, is a tool also used to train dogs, pigeons, laboratory rats, and so on.

But the most noteworthy mechanism of social conditioning is the repetition of the same simple messages, sometimes thousands of times over long periods, especially by perceived authority figures, until the mind gives in and absorbs them.

These messages can take explicit forms, like when a parent tells you plainly that you should do that or you shouldn’t do this, or implicit, like when a TV commercial shows you a well dressed guy that girls swoon all over, thus suggesting indirectly that if you dress well, girls will swoon all over you too.

And the result of all this is a person who conforms to the ideals, big and small, of the society and community they live in.

I'll put myself on the spot with this post but I'ts alright.

I am sure you've heard the term introvert and extrovert.

I don't believe in that crap but if there was a way I would consider myself to be, it would be introvert.

Looking back at my childhood, I was a very outgoing, loud kid and probably more social than everyone.

I would question everything and sometimes offend people because I thought it was funny.

I had 100 friends + in my neighborhood and I would literally talk to everyone.

Shit changed when I went to middle school though, at around 12-13  years old

I remember that since I was so loud and happy and since we had a different teacher every time I was getting yelled at all the time.

Since I knew very few people in my class I also had to find new friends, but most kids in my class were very aggressive so I was getting bulied both physically and mentally almost every day for a few months.

I was also very chubby at that time but that wasn't an issue until then.

Fast forward all that stuff + being expected to be good at school and always getting bashed for being a good student I developed a ton of insecurities.

All I would think about was how people look at me and how I can be cool like some other kids that belonged to the high value people group in my school

Shyness, anxiety and depression got the best of me and I would always cover it up with food, video games, watching movies and porn

The whole package of being a loser, you name it!

Social conditioning is a name that describes learning from society.

When we're born we don't know much and all our beliefs, ideas and values we get from the outside, mostly our parents.

Social conditioning is not bad per se.

It's just that some of the stuff we learned from society is not useful at all and hunt us when we grow up.

For me Social Conditioning is all of what it is learned through the generations of closely related people, it is divided into two primary belief makers, the society and the family. People belive what they were told as a boy and what they have learned as an Adult. All of this depending on the place, the special time of the place, the kind of language, the kind land they have,etc...people learn diferent social rules and codes that  condition their living not only in a positive way for a healthy relationship with other people but in a negative way maybe repressing peoples capacity, peoples health, peoples wellbeing...

Fighting social conditioning is a weird concept, just realizing it and maybe steping outside and questioning many of ones beliefs just does it for me, it makes me take many things more lightly, have a more personalized view of the world and let the good stuff in, discarding many beliefs.

Social conditioning hunted me in high school too but during the last year of high school I finally figured everything out with the help of this amazing device called smartphone.

When I first read about social queues, social dynamics, social conditioning and all that stuff I literally became so open minded that I made a research on every little thing, from business, to relationships, attraction, influence and most importantly fitness.

With fitness I realised that we live in  a matrix. Noone knew anything about it but everyone had an opinion about it because they heard their fat parents, their lazy dietitian that wanted their money, their smart ass trainer that was skinnier than Golum from lord of the rings 😂

Most importantly they took advice from their doctor because he/she has a degree that doesn't even specialise in diets or any form of fitness. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We also have all the marketers online that go in bodybuilding competitions and they use steroids to get huge while at the same time saying that their supplements like protein powders or pre-workouts brought them these results...

NO SHIT people don't know what they should hear cause there is so much lack of information that people bite everything.

All that stuff fascinated me so much that I built a blog out of it, that's when I learnt about online businesses and passive income (btw, read the book: rich dad poor dad, it really opened my mind with money) 

All this huge change happened on me the past years that all the still social conditioned people believe it's a force or I somehow cheated or I was privileged in a way.... Well you know the drill, excuse upon excuse to justify their shittyness.

Unfortunately, we're all gonna have some type of social conditioning and there is no way you can fix it entirely but here is what I did....

First of All, you need to identify all the externally derived beliefs.

I personally fight against social conditioning by being present as often as possible.

I become present by consciously surrendering to the moment, giving up all resistance.

I also watch my mind, which allows me to disidentify from it.

Lastly, I feel my inner body, which anchors my awareness into the only undying constant in my life - my self.

I really think presence is the only option for guys and girls like you and me who struggle with social conditioning and ego identification. (WELL PRETTY MUCH ALL OF US)

Anything else is superfluous.

The beautiful thing is that over time, we will reach the point where we truly DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.

Ever since I found out about this self actualization/spirituality/mediatation stuff, I have been improving steadily day by day.

You just have to be patient, and recognize that presence is the only thing that you will ever need.

Everything will then fall into place.

You will attract the ideal outer circumstances, even though YOU WON’T EVEN need them.

Social conditioning will never go away, so let it be.

Understand that it is social conditioning, which aims to protect earth’s people and maintain social order.

Social conditioning has helped us in way unbeknownst to us.

Say to yourself: Hey, if it weren’t for social conditioning, I wouldn’t be here.

If there’s one thing that you get from this post, it’s this:



NOW, what about stuff you can implement in your daily life....

I've found that limiting my exposure to the type of media that gives us the bad/useless/disempowering social conditioning helps.

First I stopped with video games... that helped a lot.

Then I decided no more television or shitty movies (romantic comedies are the epitome of what we hate, I would think, because they give this false sense or love, like guys need to be the definition of a beta male for a girl and they must buy them flowers or get them to romantic dates and be their little bitch).

I also completely stopped watching porn and scrolling through instagram watching everyone's perfect fake life (you know exactly what I mean) .

Sad that I had to do this, but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Also, I seriously re-evaluated my music collection.

I used to listen to sad songs as I pitied myself - yuck; that's gone.

Then I realized most songs have some message of unnecessary conflict or unrealistic projections of "love".

Now I pretty much only listen to real music talking about goals and actual real life situations, it's surprisingly awesome. 

I filled my time with high quality stuff like reading tons of self-help and business, meditation, working out, watching a lot of educational videos etc.

Also I noticed that after cutting out all the media, my living space became a lot more clean/organized as well, and I'm consistently eating better as well.

Plus since there's no endless indulgence of time wasting on the desktop computer, I find more reasons to go out, work on my business and develop my character which is awesome.

In a nutshell that's how I've started "fighting" social conditioning, at least the part that I feel is having a negative effect on me.

Hope this blog post really opened your mind and showed you a new perspective.

If you need anything, or have any questions make sure to comment below or email us!


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