MY STORY - Why being open minded is the best trait you can have! 🤔💯

MY STORY - Why being open minded is the best trait you can have! 🤔💯

For those of you who don't know me, I am John, Owner of ECOMWOLF™
I mainly manage the instagram account, if you're familiar with it, and my team manages everything else.

I've been into entrepreneurship for the past 3-4 years.
I knew the term but I never took action or actually planned anything that came into my mind.
The number 1 trait I had ever since I was in high school was being open minded....
When I was a kid I was probably the laziest person on earth, I was addicted to video games and I was kinda fat, more like chubby.

One day I decided to start losing weight cause I was depressed and I was very Insecure about my body + I started being more around girls during that time and I was getting slightly teased...
That doesn't really matter now and I believe it was a very bad motivator but if you see it from a 14-15 year olds standpoint, then it looks kinda bad.

I started working out a ton , like a shit ton and literally had 0 results for 1 year, until I saw a YouTube video that pretty much opened my mind sooo much.

That one video changed my perspective on fitness and dieting that I got so passionate about how simple our physiology is, and how easy it is to lose weight that I started getting obsessed with knowledge and fitness.

Within 4-5 months I had lost all the unnecessary weight and I've pretty much learned so much stuff through YouTube that I could coach anyone when it comes to fitness and losing weight.

That's when my greatest adversity began though....
The stuff I was teaching to others were so different and so unheard especially in my country, to the point were half my school was talking crap about me, saying that I was on steroids and everything I say is false cause well....I'm just a kid 🤷

If you're familiar with the gym and dieting you already know that in order to lose weight you need to calculate your calorie intake, you also know that protein shakes are harmless and not illegal substances, but how can you explain that to 15-16 year olds who listen to their close minded parents and have grown up with shitty advice and false information about every topic.

You just can't..... I had no leverage, I wasn't famous, I was very bad with socializing and convincing people, and all these traits are necessary when it comes to influencing and teaching people.
The only thing I had, was results and whoever listened to me back then 🔙 also had crazy results, so I decided to step it up a notch.
Throughout my entire last year at school (which was my worst year due to the final exams and a lot of shit that was happening) I decided to launch a fitness business but focus worldwide, not just in my country.

Where I'm from the final exams of school will determine in what college you'll be able to go, since I already knew about entrepreneurship I knew for a fact that there is no freaking way I'm going to waste 4 years of my life to make 1k a month and that's the best case scenario, I was probably the most ambitious person I knew and I would never settle for that!

With that said, I later build a fitness website named Archon Fitness, I started posting a lot of nutritional information, gym workouts and a ton of motivational articles.

It quickly got over 100 followers and that's when I started joining fitness groups on Facebook and privately DMed random people so I can help them with their fitness goals.

Around that time I finished high school and failed miserably at the finals.
I heard a ton of criticism by pretty much EVERYONE so I decided to lock myself in my room with my shitty 40$ Xperia L, no laptop no computer, no skills, only a Dream and a burning desire to achieve greatness.
Within a summer I've made over 1k $ with Affiliate marketing and selling my workout programs, afterwards I decided to use all my savings (900$) + the money I made in the summer in order to go at a private school and Since I had a lot of free time I also decided to get a 9-5 job.

The First day at my 9-5 was also my last day because the guy that I worked for literally made me his slave, I worked 11 hours non stop for 20$ and when I got home I couldn't walk for 2 days, I also never received that 20$ 😂🤷
That was all the motivation I needed....

I left my hometown to go to my private school and then started a dropshipping business, I worked from my laptop 10-15 hours every day and I still do, I didn't party, didn't go out, didn't do shit for like 1+ year.
Well, the rest is history.....
The point of this post is not to tell you how depressed I was or How much my circumstances were against me or how many people hated me for trying to help them, NO, the goal of this post is to tell you that the fact that I thought for myself and the fact that I shut my mouth and listened to people who had what I wanted, made me who I am today.
You don't need to be a billionaire, hell you don't even need to be a millionaire, you don't need to have crazy goals like other people, but what you need to do if you wanna see success in anything, achieve any goal faster, or at least be a damn good person is to be OPEN MINDED.

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