My Personal Advice to all the Millennials 🐺 💯@ecomwolf

My Personal Advice to all the Millennials 🐺 💯@ecomwolf

Millennials prefer to look like they're doing something instead of actually doing something! 🤔

Haven't been active here on my website in months so I decided to write sth that I truly believe will give you value and will help you get to the next level, even if you already are on a somewhat high level (generally in your life).

I will list the things I believe every millennial from 15-20+ YEARS OLD should know!

I do not expect all of you to follow what I'm about to say but since my blogs get thousands of views every month I guess most of you actually follow me throughout social media cause you truly want to improve your life!


With that said, let's begin:

A) Go to school, get good grades, go to college and enjoy these 4-6 years cause after that you will have a stressful job and won't be able to enjoy your life as much.


That's literally the advice people give nowadays.

How about you work your ass off and enjoy your entire life after a few years of taking responsibility and action!

Like I said on @teamecomwolf this will be a triggering blog but i'd rather wake you up now instead of seeing you regret your life choices later....

I saw a screenshot the other day saying how much money you need to have in order to be at the 1% of your age group and the statistics were scary and funny as f*ck, here is the picture 

The top 1 percent and top 0.1% by age group

SO basically if you're 27-31 and have 200k, you automatically are the 1% of your age.

I am in no way judging people who don't make money, what I'm trying to prove is that people don't know how to manage their money!

Years of education and colleges and shit yet I see pretty much everyone around me doing nothing and spending all their hard earned money travelling and partying, and then you see them complaining about their job, life etc.

I always had a principe in my life that basically says: If you don't like what you do from monday to friday then you have to do sth else from saturday to sunday in order to change that!

And here is my advice to all the ego oriented millennials out there:

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY cause if you do, you'll have to live paycheck to paycheck your entire life.

On the other hand if you're one of those lucky people who're in college and get funded by their parents, you have 2 options:

1) Save up and invest, learn what you actually want to do, partying and travelling all the time with other people's money is the stupidest thing you can do cause you have an opportunity to set yourself up for life by making a few right decisions.

2) Keep doing what you're doing, telling yourself the lie that "I'll get my degree and then get a good and secure job" and then watch other people online living their dreams cause they actually put in the work, then go and blame the country ,society, economy, politicians, the fucking terrorists, rich people etc etc just because you wanted to have fun and didn't listen to people who are qualifed to teach you!


B) There is no perfect time bruh

If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives!

Sometimes I feel scared to say this but F*ck it....

When I was in high School I was always the shyest student in the classroom, it took me a very long time to warm up to people.
My heart rate would jump up whenever I was called on in class to speak.
I was very to myself and even at times where I felt empowered for whatever reason, it was all hidden behind pain and insecurity.

The only thing I wanted to do was stay at home and play some call of duty because back then, that's what I knew best.

Finding fitness and going to the gym was what forced my confidence to grow....
Eventually through it, I got into the whole personal development world and later after school, I started Ecommerce.

Thats when I got obsessed, literally....
I studied everything I could about my hobbies, book after book, video after video, training after training and most importantly I took action.

Early 2016 was when I started my first online "business" (my fitness website/blog) through my phone that couldn't even stay long into Google cause it would freeze lol.
I had 35$, a crappy phone, dozens of people booing at me and not a single soul supporting me!
Fast Forward 3 years later and I'm in a position I'll never take for granted.

Take the jump.... even if it's a small one to get you started, and never look back.

When I Started my journey I always told myself that I'm not ready cause of this and that....

I recently did a few calls with people I talked to 4-5 years ago and they all wanted free shit just because they "knew me" aka entitlement. 

I gave them free advice, a complete gameplan and guess what....

None of them did shit, they just continued to do what they did before!

You see, people don't really want to change, they just say that and then do nothing.

Everyone believes there is a secret trick to become successful for example....

Everyone asks me what I do, like what business am I into and make money BUT noone asks me what mindset I have.

FUCK the business, it doesn't matter what you do when it comes to online businesses, what matters is your mindset cause how you do anything, is how you do everything!

Apart from that, I recently had a chat with a friend and she asked me what do you REALLY do, I explained to her that I didn't do anything for 2 years to be able to work on my business and she didn't believe it....

Everyone wants the secret cause we as human beings want to do the least amount of work and get the maximum amount of results, we are conditioned to be lazy and look for shortcuts in everything.

I notice that with some of my mentorship students as well....

I tell them to fix sth on their site/ads and they tell me that it's fine or that a small twist won't make a difference.

Others tell me that they finished the gameplan I gave them and they don't know what to do so they just go and play games or watch videos etc etc.

THESE are all excuses cause their mind is not rewired yet, if you have a business and you're a solopreneur there is always something you should do or could do, stop trying to dodge the process!


C) Cut out the toxic people out of your life.

Yeah your "friends" that love you, don't really love you bro, they want you to be like them or worse than them cause then they can justify why they perform bad in life, BUT if you're living proof of success then they don't have any excuse.

I wish all my friends were better than me, in every aspect of life, so I could learn from them, making money and being better is not selfish, being a fkn hater that wants others to fail is!

For 2 fucking summers I did't go out cause the first one I didn't have any money and the 2nd one I was working all day, then suddenly people I haven't talked to in years started saying my parents gave me everything and I'm spoiled etc etc.

Trust me, they don't know you cause they're not there with you, they didn't see your journey so they don't have full context....

Their opinion is not an opinion, it's years of negativity, small mind thinking passed by their parents, the news, and probably even bullying or other traumas.

The worst thing YOU can do is judge them cause like gary vee says, you don't have full context and guess what... They don't have either!

I'm pretty sure most of us don't know each other and even if we do we really don't, you think you know your family and friends but you don't, cause noone shares....

We all have issues and secrets we never share, that's why judging others is the weapon of the weak.

Weak people are not going to read this far, they've already blocked me or unfollowed me or just stalk me and my squad cause they have nothing better to do.

I hope this blog gave some value to your life, I hope this is your wake up call, even if this changes one person's life, i'll be truly satisfied.

If you found this valuable, shoot me a DM at @ecomwolf_ or @johntrah_ or if you do know my other influencer pages text me there!



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