How colleges are SCAMMING you! 🤔🤮

How colleges are SCAMMING you! 🤔🤮

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life apart from living a dead end 9-5 job? 🤔

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have no boss and answer to noone.... to live life on your own terms? 🤔

To visit amazing exotic places al over the world and live on your own terms as an Entrepreneur? 🤔



With that said....

I know the title of the post is kinda clickbaity but if that's what it takes for you to read this article then it's worth it...

Before you make any fast decisions and before you get triggered or anything, firstly make sure to read the entire post!

In this post I want to debunk some myths about college and finally open your eyes to the real world, here is the first myth...

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για myth busting


1) A college Degree = More money

That's not necessarily true, let me explain...

Some topics require for you to get a college degree, for example if you want to become a financial advisor or if you want to be a lawyer or a psychologist or the most important one... a doctor

Then it's fine to get  a college degree, but let's be realistic here...

A very small percentage of people wants to go with these majors and monetize them for life, the rest of us just want to make money or have other passions like becoming athletes, having our own small business or doing something specific.

Even if you chose most college paths though you'd still be trapped in a cage cause you will have to study stuff you probably don't like for minimum 4 years, and then if you are lucky you will land a higher paid (that higher paid is basically cheap change) 9-5 job and work for someone else dreading your monday to friday and pretty much live for the weekends or vacations!

It's like living in a golden cage...

2) College is safe

This is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard and most of the people who say it pretend to be smart but deep down they are depressed from their jobs and they barely have time to enjoy their life.

I've heard hundreds of times that a college degree is "safe" but it never made sense to me, like what exactly do they mean when they say the word "safe"


Let's talk about safety...

College = Job 

99% of the time job = 9-5 which means you work for someone else

BUT a 9-5 job is definitely not safe 🤷‍♂️

It's just that people are always telling that and through time it basically became a mainstream narrative....

Answer this question please...

What are you going to do when you work for a company and the company decides to fire a bunch of people or lower their paychecks?

What are you going to do when the next recession strikes?

You see, none of that is in your control, you live paycheck to paycheck and if suddenly they decide to fire you, then there is no paycheck which means YOU ARE NOT SAFE!

And apart from that.... What do you really learn in a university?

You learn how to retain information that exists on the internet 🤷‍♂️

And guess what? It's free on the internet , you don't have to get in debt to pay for it (if you live in the states)

And the even funnier thing is that you basically pay employees to teach you that information, you don't pay successful people to do it, yeah maybe you get to watch some seminars from successful people but most of these successful people didn't even go to college or dropped out 😂 ....and this is just facts, check the numbers, there are very few successful people who graduated from college and 99% of them didn't even use their degrees.

Another fun fact is that most businesses nowadays don't even care about your degree cause they know for a fact that it means nothing (spoiler alert: that's why they are successful 😉) 

I've talked about the exact corporations that do that on other articles (with proof as well) 

It's more about the experience nowadays cause most of the KNOWLEDGE is easily accessible on the internet, on libraries or free seminars THAT successful people organise lol 

For example.... I personally have been requested by other companies to run their ads or manage their social media because of my EXPERIENCE and guess what I don't have a degree cause my social media and my results are my social proof and that's all I need.

A company is going to choose me instead of someone with a college degree and no results cause all THEY want is results not a piece of paper.

On top of that.... Do you really learn critical thinking in a college or a classroom? 

Do you learn about thinking outside the box or being independent... HELL NO 

NOW, there are exceptions obviously, like learning a science or something that requires a college degree as I said before but still... Most of the people use that as an excuse to not do shit.

I have many friends who are in college cause they really WANT it and at the same time they self educate, they read books, podcasts, have side hustles based on the major they study cause they know that a degree alone will do NOTHING 

Do you understand the point I'm trying to make?

People are so close minded and have a huge ego, some people who study psychology or majors that require degrees may use this blog as an excuse... 


Now some of you say you want to be a lawyer or a doctor yet you party all day, never study about it outside of your college or generally show interest about it, that brings me to my next 2 points.....

A) Do you really want it?

B) Did your parents or social circle convinced you to go there?


If you don't want it then here is your answer.... Find what you want and don't waste your time cause it will result in you getting a "higher paid' job YOU don't really like and if you get fired you'll be demoralised and highly highly over qualified and it's even tougher for you in a difficult economy to get another job so you'll be like "let me create my own business"


You've never really learned how to do that cause you surrounded yourself with people who also don't know, you took advice from your EMPLOYEED teachers, you did not learned how to think outside the box or how to build a side hustle.

YOU are basically screwed from all sides, no safety, no job, no money and not ACTUAL education or financial knowledge.


With all of that said, lets talk about your DREAMS....

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για dreams

If you have DREAMS like doing something that you saw someone else do online then don't go to college, it's plain and simple.

Do you want to be a fitness instructor? Then build an online business as a side hustle until it makes you money more than your job.

Do you want to be an artist, a music producer, a DJ , a rapper?
THEN DO IT, forget college.

Do you want to build an online business on your niche in general?

Then go on youtube and google and type (your niche) and how to monetize it etc etc

On the other hand, you may ask: "But I really want to build my business, I just need to go to college to study economics or learn about money first"

This is again sooooo wrong cause as I already said....Who will teach you about business in a college? Exactly.... A professor that doesn't own any business!

It comes down to this principle..... Stop taking advice from people who are not where you want to be!

It's like I suddenly learn all the theory about basketball and I start teaching it to other people yet I've never played basketball myself , which is stupid and in short: I am simply not qualified to talk about it  PERIOD.

3) The next myth I wanna talk about is "By going to college I'll make a lot of connections"

That's completely stupid, it doesn't make any sense and there are 2 scenarios for it....

First of all, the only way you are going to make connections through it instead of making from the outside world is if you're introverted and that has nothing to do with college.

If you are an introvert then simply just go outside and talk to people, you don't need college to meet new people so instead of worrying about that, worry about your social skills.

On the other hand....What connections do you really build?
You associate yourself with people who are on the same level as you so you just stay stagnant and the best case scenario is hanging out with a professor that has a 9-5 job.


If you actually want to make connections then message successful people on instagram or reach out to them via email or try to get in a community with people who are way better than you.

You don't need to go to freaking college to meet people and apart from that here is the truth: Your connections mean shit if you don' know how to socialise, if you don't know what you really want in life and if you basically have no targets.

Most of the people I know that go to college are actually held back cause they are ambitious and that means that they have to be around dumb people everyday that don't really know what they want in life....

I mean seriously, how many people have you met in college that are actually ambitious and high value.... Yeah exactly, they barely exist!

Your alternative is simply just working on yourself and becoming so high value so instead of seeking connections, connections will seek you.


4) Parents/Friends/Family

That's the most hard topic and honestly.... I feel you.

Your parents will not support you.

The people you know will definitely not support you and they will probably laugh at you

Your friends will only support you once they see results and that is if they are open minded (most of them will envy your success)

How do you think my parents felt when I told them that I don't care about college or when I told them I'll be an Entrepreneur?

EXACTLY.... they laughed

Their feedback will be positive if you go to a college and it will be the opposite if you don't but let me tell you this....

It's your life, you don't need anyone's validation except from your own damn self.

Once you rebel against the status quo noone will support you and that is normal, that's life, that's how the game works.


Once you make it everyone will congratulate you and your family will tell you you were right, so you might as well go for it instead of regretting it in the future.

My friends, you don't want to live someone else's life....

Fuck that small minded thinking, it's 2019 

Now with that said, let's do a FULL CIRCLE..... Your parents opinion does not matter cause probably they are not where you want to be and it is your life so stop listening to them.

Reverse engineer what you really want in life and go step by step.

If your dream doesn't require a degree then don't go to college.... SIMPLE AS THAT.


5) College Debt 

That one is my favourite topic.

I literally go SAVAGE on all these retarded people who do what I m going to talk about now....

If you are from the states you know for a fact that college debt is a thing and you basically have to pay around 40-100k for it.

So your gameplan is going to college for 4+ years and having all that college debt that you have to repay for the next 4-5 years and that is if you land a good job. In short you just are a 30 year old adult that is still in the rat race living paycheck to paycheck at a dead end 9-5 you hate.

If you are from Europe though, most countries here don't require money for college so you can pretty much get in a college for free by studying.

What do most people do here though?

They get in a college, everyone congratulates them 🤦‍♂️

They take their parents money or work a 9-5 job on the side.

They just durp around for 4 years minimum to get a degree that has very small value so they think they will need another degree or to just upgrade their degree in a better college so again they waste another 2-4 years of their life to just land an office job that pays them 2000$ and that is the best case scenario


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για facepalm


Where is a college degree USEFULL THOUGH?

If you REALLY want to work for a specific company that 100% requires a degree like nasa or space X or all these science corporations, but again you must really freakin love that and be passionate about it (not the case for 90% of people)

Everything that is theoretical most of the time requires a degree like science, history, teaching kids in school and all that stuff that I emphasize... MOST PEOPLE DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE, THEY ARE JUST LYING TO THEMSELVES.


If you really want it then GO FOR IT cause obviously we need scientists,teachers etc etc



For anyone who is still reading so far, you probably are a high achiever and I really believe in you so I want you to read very closely now on cause I have a little story and an entire gameplan for you....


I was always the type of guy that noone listened to, I did not like to talk about entrepreneurship in school cause everyone would laugh and tell me their own opinion, had I listened to my parents and people I knew, I would not have written this or be able to do what I do today.

2 years have passed since I finished school and most of the people who told me I'll fail are now in college dreading their Monday to Friday or they have to work for someone else, well actually their parents still fund them 🤣

The point I'm trying to make is that people are mediocre, they hate others, complain, assume things, have a closed mind and they let others tell them what to do....

They don't go after what they WANT but guess what....


And that blog post is for you.

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