Entrepreneurs will change the world! 🌍🤑 #ENTREPRENEUR

Entrepreneurs will change the world! 🌍🤑 #ENTREPRENEUR

Have you ever seen all these 17, 18 and 19 year old kids clearing thousands of dollars per day just with their laptop?

Have you ever thought to yourself how can they afford this luxury lifestyle while others have to work at a 9-5 job obeying orders and doing human labour?

You see....

Our education system is broken, it's outdated!

Colleges have been the same the past 50 years while a ton of other things have changed in those 50 years, colleges are a business and it's not what it looks like anymore but that's a whole 'nother topic itself and I'd rather leave if for another time.

The current educational mode doesn’t favor students nor the educators. 70% of degrees are a waste of money both for the parents & the students involved.

If only 30% of students attended college, that means 70% of teachers wouldn’t be needed.

They would be able to choose a different career and those educators who stick around get paid better.

Basic formula.

Fewer surgeons = high demand

Higher demand = higher pay

Fewer teachers = higher demand

Higher demand = higher pay .

We currently have way toooooo many teachers in the marketplace, which causes their value to go down....

It’s basic supply and demand.

Instead, every school from k-12 should add a class about entrepreneurship starting kindergarten.

I don’t ever remember a single class I had with a teacher who encouraged me to start a business.

Teaching entrepreneurship early will give the other 70% who don’t attend college to come up with ideas on their own or with a few friends to start their own small business.

And those who don’t, can simply get a license or learn a trade that doesn’t take 4 years & $100k for a piece of paper.

By the way, for those who think this is a revolutionary idea, it’s what we use to do for many years.

Each family had their own small business that was ran by the husband and the wife.

And kids helped while watching their parents build a business.

It also worked because it kept families together.

The only challenge is not a single college or politician involved with the need of colleges support, would be supportive of this idea.

Only the free market and the people can influence a change this magnitude.

With that said, look at the BELOW pics....




Half of the american colleges will go bankrupt in 10-15 years Says Harvard Business School professor, Clayton Christensen.

This is just the beginning.

This only helps the big Ivy League schools since it would minimize competition and options.

However, there will be MASSIVE disruption coming soon in the educational system in ways that’ll force everyone to pivot.

More corporations and companies will start offering their own universities and recruit 17-18 years old to help them specialize skills that’s needed within their company.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the POWERFUL Ivy league schools will take the lead or will they just let the market decide what happens.

There are several issues to be addressed.

To list a few:

- cost of degree - format of education - speed of knowledge transferred to match speed of advancement - a new format that fits different types of personalities +talent + interest - a fast track for a bachelors degree that can be done in 12-18 months

If I had to bet on which one will take the lead, it’ll be the ENTREPRENEUR community.

They care more about results + freedom + speed instead of politics + power which is the specialty of the Ivy League universities.


If they wanted to, they could use their resources out of their massive endowments to make some REAL change.

1. @harvard $37 Billion

2. @yale $25 Billion

3. @princeton_university $22 B

4. @universityofpennsylvia $10 B

5. @columbia $10 Billion

6. @dartmouthcollege $5.5 Billion

7. @cornelluniversity $4.7 Billion

8. @brownu $3.8 Billion .

That’s a total of $118 Billion in cash.

Apart from colleges though, Consider THIS for a minute....

68 Macy's stores CLOSING⠀
108 Kmart stores CLOSING⠀
42 Sears stores CLOSING⠀
ALL Toys R Us stores CLOSING⠀
250 RadioShacks closed⠀

The largest transportation provider in the U.S. doesn't own A SINGLE CAR = Uber 🚗⠀

The largest movie company doesn't own ANY movie theaters = Netflix🎬⠀

The largest hotel company in the world doesn't own A SINGLE HOTEL = Airbnb🏘⠀

Amazon just passed Wal-Mart as the nation's BIGGEST retailer and they don't own A SINGLE STORE💻⠀

Robots are starting to take over basic human jobs & the demand for no-skill jobs is decreasing. 

If you haven’t realized you need to build a real skill or somewhat get involved in the online retail space than you must have been living under a rock. ⠀

I imagine over the next 5 years, more people will master making money online & it will get more complicated to the point where only the best will win, But until that happens, people who take advantage today will benefit the most.

Before closing this blog, commenting, or sharing this post, consider this question:

if not now, then when?⠀

Those who take advantage will be rewarded.

Those who put this off will wish they didn’t. 💵⠀

You Snooze You lose!


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