Email Marketing 101 📧🤑

Email Marketing 101 📧🤑

Implementing email Marketing is crucial in your Ecommerce business, so I wanted to explain in this blog post the very basics about it but in a very understandable way....

When you should start using it and how to do it?

First of all, what most people don't understand is that email marketing may come in very handy if you don't get sales but you have those emails in the back end.

That's one perspective, the other perspective that I agree more with, is actually getting sales first and then focusing on email marketing cause it actually works better when you have customers coming in your store consistently.

Another big misconception with email marketing is that people think you should always promote your products and sell stuff on your audience.

That's a no no, you should never do that cause you're pretty much telling your audience to never watch your content cause they'll know that as soon as they get an email from you it's a sales pitch.

What you should instead focus on doing is providing value, showing testimonials for social proof and apart from that you also want to help them with informative articles and top notch content!

In short:

First Build a relationship, then sell.

Now the platform I personally use is either mail chimp or klaviyo.

The easiest platform I've personally used is klaviyo and that's the one platform that most good email marketers use for their Ecommerce businesses.

Setting up campaigns and all that stuff is very easy so I'm not going to give information on that, instead I wanna give you another awesome strategy and that strategy even though that everyone knows about it, almost noone uses it....

Create a course or an ebook or something that will give your audience insane Value but in order for them to get it they'll have to use their email, then afterwards for a few weeks (2-3) you want to only send out Content and value.

If you want to dominate in your industry or whatever store you have then you MUST provide 10x more content than everyone else in the same niche.

The gameplan is pretty much spying on your competition and gathering as much information as possible so you can eventually beat them.


What type of value should you provide to your list and how often should you send it?

Also, how should your delivery be?

First of all....

A major mistake I see dozens of people do with their delivery and it actually is very funny.... They basically say "Join My newsletter and become an exclusive or VIP member" or something like that 😂

You need to understand that noone wants to be in your newsletter....NOT A SINGLE PERSON WANTS TO RECEIVE BULLSHIT EMAILS, so what your audience will do is send you a fake email or their garbage email (I have a garbage email too where I sign up for all the bs Email lists)
In this case you have to be smarter cause it's very very rare that someone wants to join your list.

The key with this is a discount or as I said something packed with insane Value for a example a coupon code or a pdf with course content or whatever....

Before you go do that though, understand that the coupon or pdf must only be inside the email and not on the store as well when they sign up because this way they're not going to click on the email and probably never watch your emails so what you want them to do is get forced to go on their emails and open it up.
Also you're never going to get fake emails this way cause people actually use their own to get the coupon or pdf.

Another strategy would be to tell them to whitelist your emails in order to receive the code and this way they're pretty much in your "VIP" list. (if you don't know how to do that (how to whitelist emails) go watch some videos after you read this post)

Coming up to the value packed emails I talked above if you don't know what to write, then literally type on Google (tips on your niche, or videos with value on your niche)

And then either send them the videos or copy paste the articles content and make it look like you wrote it, just make sure that these articles actually have value and they do not contain a sales pitch or an affiliate link from that brand.

For example let's say you sell nature or gardening stuff....

What you want to do is go on google and type "gardening tips" 

Then find good articles with a ton of value and actual stuff your audience will benefit with.

Please don't be lazy with this strategy cause since you pretty much steal other people's content, also be smart with it, change the words a bit, find more lowkey articles or tips, not the most trending ones cause people who are actually interested in that niche will have already seen these.

Read this blog post again and make sure to implement everything....

If you have any questions about these strategies then DM me on @ecomwolf on IG or Email:

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