Discipline Mastery 😱🐺

Discipline Mastery 😱🐺


Everything you need to develop insane self discipline and achieve all your goals....

No matter what your goals are in life, there is one great law that you need to obey in order to be successful:

No one else is going to climb the ladder of success for you.

No one else is responsible for your health, wealth, happiness, or success.

From the day you leave your parent´s house and start to make your own choices, you are responsible for your life and the choices you make.

You choose the job you work in, the person you live with, and how much you exercise every day.

Only you can choose how you spend your time, and the decisions you make on a consistent basis will make or break your life.

If you want a better life, you need to make better decisions.

You can blame other people for your lack of results or happiness all life long, but doesn´t change anything.

Only you can change your life by changing the choices you make.

Take responsibility for everything in your life, even if you can´t directly influence it. Even if it´s not in your direct control, you can always choose how you respond..... That's something I really wanted to make clear before I talk about the actual strategies!

Follow the below steps exactly as mentioned and I promise you, you'll never be the same.

1) First of all, before you start doing anything, you need to know your goals....

Now, I don't mean having your "goals" in your brain, what I mean is actually writing them down. (that's why I put quotations)

The reason of writing your goals down is because you'll be way more likely to actually follow through.

I read somewhere that there has been a study where it said that there is a 50% higher chance of achieving a goal if you write it down.

I am not sure if that is actually true but I know it definitely works for me....

With that said, you must also be very specific. What do I mean?

For example, if you goal is to get rich then that's not really a goal.

Define rich.... For example, a good goal would be to make 80k in profit with your dropshipping store till the summer of 2019.

Write down all of your thoughts and goals and make sure that you are very specific in everything, divide the yearly goal into smaller goals like monthly goals and missions you have to achieve in order to get where you want to be in a year.

Then divide the monthly goals into weekly goals and the weekly goals into daily goals.....

For example: If your goal is to lose 50 pounds in 6 months then buiild a monthly gameplan where everything is tracked: your nutrition, workouts , measurements etc


Now that you have clearly defined your goals, it's time for you to finally learn what noone talks about when it comes to discipline.....

2) Train your prefrontal cortex....

The prefrontal cortex is basically the "area of your brain that will basically make you do shit even though you don't feel like it"

It's the discipline part of your brain!
How do you train it?

Start gradually and level up on these things....
A) Take cold showers
B) Meditate
C) Go to the gym or do some difficult excercise that will push you.
D) Do comfort zone challenges like waking up when you don't feel like it or talking to random people.
E) Also make sure to do things that require you to think a lot like playing jigsaw puzzle.

Now you obviously cannot start and do all these thins at once, for example you can't just start taking cold showers if you've never done it before.

My suggestion would be to first learn about these topics like cold shower, meditation, working out and every week progress on them.

On the other hand, apart from progressing from these things you also wanna abstain from bad habits and also progress on them as well.... gradually stop them.

If you watch a lot of TV then track how many hours you do it per day and then lower it, do the same thing with video games and aimless scrolling through instagram. (most of us have businesses through instagram and social media in general, but if you find yourself aimlessly scrolling and wasting your time on them, then gradually stop it as well)
With time the prefrontal cortex will grow stronger and stronger and discipline will go up ☝️ 


3) Consistency.

The third and my personally most interesting one is consistency


Let me explain:

Consistency may look as a very simple word but when it comes to achieving goals and becoming disciplined, it's not.

It's not about doing everything correctly every single time, much rather it's about showing up consistently.
Success is not a sprint, it's a damn marathon run.
So it is in developing discipline.
In short: Do something you're afraid of every single day.
Seek discomfort every day, little by little, piece by piece.
In the end it all adds up.

But it's not as easy as it sounds, that's why I have found a trick I read from a reddit post when it comes to addictions recovery....

You see... Addiction recovery requires the ultimate discipline so I believe what I'm about to say directly connects each other.

It's called AWARENESS and it's all about understanding your physiology and how your body works (with addiction recovery)

One thing that really helped me was being aware that it is hormones and endorphins that make me feel like relapsing.

I learned that these hormones are released in response to my mind dwelling on the addiction and I discovered that they are only temporary and don’t continue to escalate indefinitely (unless I continually dwell on these addictive thoughts). I’ve come to realise that the minute I stop dwelling on these thoughts, the hormones start to subside, and they are usually gone within an hour, and always overnight.

For example, if your goal is to stop compulsive eating then you have to be so aware that as soon as a thought about food comes in, you'll cut it off!

The only way to practise this is through meditation, a great book you can read for it is called the Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle.


I personally need an entire book so I can tell you everything I know about discipline, I've been studying and implementing every part of it for the last 4 years and it's something that I'm really passionate about.

Now obviously I cannot write an entire book on the blog but I'm definitely going to be talking about it again and it'll be very soon.

Hope you found value here Fam, if you did, comment below and share this so more people can benefit!

Thanks for your time! <3

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