🚫 Everyone should READ this! 🤯

🚫 Everyone should READ this! 🤯

Success is far less about how productive you are when you “feel like it” and far more about how well you can execute when you don’t.

Learning how to close that gap is the ultimate productivity habit.

A common assumption among people that struggle is that “successful people” either have it easier or possess super human powers that keep them “in the zone” and running at high levels every single day.

And while it is 100% TRUE that successful people run at high levels every single day.

Its not because they are special or gifted or have it easier.

They have bad days.

They struggle just like you.

The difference is they have developed a habit & a discipline for themselves that pushes them through the days on which they struggle and keeps them producing at high levels even when they do not feel like it.

They have created a thought pivot that triggers productive action.

For example: “Im too tired to respond to those emails…I'd rather watch ”

That thought triggers them to immediately jump up, respond to the emails and send out more on top of it.

This can apply to all areas of life.

Think how much progress you would make if every single time the pussy inside you started talking you out of what you should do…you immediately went and executed on that action and added a little bit on top of it.

Powerful shit? You bet your ass it is!

Learn how to close the gap of execution by developing this discipline…and you literally CANNOT LOSE.

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